Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ed and Beth Retire

Ed and Beth Dayley, Athena's parents, have chosen to retire this year. They have both worked really hard, just recently for the Davis School District as Computer Specialists. Knowlton Elementary recently honored Beth for her service and I have posted some pictures. I'm really happy, mom and dad, for all the hard work you've put in to support us kids and teach us to work hard and have strong work ethics. I look forward to spending more time with you after your retirement.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Klondike 2009

James and Dirk went on the winter Klondike campout this past weekend. They had lots of fun and had a grand adventure. They slept in snow caves (all 9 people that went on the campout). They built three really large snow caves (6 feet by 8 feet by 3 feet tall), so they couldn't stand up, but they even built tunnels to connect the caves. One picture is an air hole at the top of the snow cave, the other is a connector tunnel to the other cave, and the last picture is the entrance to one cave. They chose to camp near the entrance, using the snow from a snow plow for their caves. As they were packing up, some other scout troops took over their snow caves, calling them the most awesome caves they had seen. The kids competed in the competition, with orienteering, firestarting, etc. They didn't place in the competition, but they were some of the few that finished the comp. On the way back from the comp, they had to travel over the Causey dam (which had been walked on the whole weekend). James, following the people in front of him, managed to find the one weak spot in the lake and fell in. He screamed for help and they got him out after he got thoroughly soaked. Thank goodness we packed extra snow boots, extra snow pants, extra everything. One of the things they do at Klondike is ice rescue and the kids actually got to use it getting James out (actually a leader and some older scouts got him out). They said he did everything right and it was an actual path, but that the ice had weakened just enough to fall through. Aside from snow caves, the competition, the fall through the ice, getting sunburned from the sun on the snow (there was a ton of new snow - about 4 feet in the last week), there were no major incidents. Dirk and one of the other leaders took the scout sled down the side of the hill and tumbled over the sled and banged up his knee - shame on him for goofing off. They had a blast and would do it again. I'm just glad they survived and made it home.

Eagle Scout

My fabulous son, James, received his Eagle Scout award. It was a great ceremony, with his grandfather, Ed, giving him his Eagle award. Jenni and Emma read a poem. Many members of the family took part in the ceremony and we were able to visit with many relatives and old friends. We are so proud of James and the work he did on his Eagle project, in scouting, and in his testimony in the gospel. He is small in stature, but large in spirit. He will go far in life with his dedication and determination.

Snow Cave

So, we have recently had so much freakin' snow, the kids decided to make a snow cave. The began the cave under the trampoline so they could have a nice, dry opening. They then began to dig out the cave. Well, the cave is about three feet in diameter wide, and six feet deep. The snow is as high as the trampoline and pretty solid since it's where we throw the snow we shovel from the side of the house. So far it has been a week and the tunnel/cave still exists. It's been fun for them to have a secret hideout. Even if itis cold. I have, however, ruled out them sleeping in it for fear it collapses on them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun with Sarah

After Christmas, my niece Sarah came to Utah with her brother Joshua and her mom. We had a lot of fun visiting and Sarah was able to spend the night and go to Surf and Swim with us. Come back, Sarah, Emma misses you and so do we! They had their hands in their mouth all the time, wiggling their loose teeth. Nona loves to share stories with the girls.

Christmas Eve

The kids were so cute. Right before bed, they wrote notes and left cookies and milk for Santa. James even made a Lego santa on his sled. James being the big kid he is, and wanting to make sure the girl believe in Santa, wrote a note from santa to the kids responding to their letters.

Christmas Day

So Christmas this year was great! Diana came into town (and I didn't even get one picture of my sis, sorry). So we slept in a little (if you count 7:30am sleeping in). Got up and opened presents and then went to my parents for breakfast with my family. Then we stopped by the Dirk's parents house and visited with his parents. Christmas Eve we had a big family dinner with Dirk's family. Hot spaghetti which burns your mouth with how spicy it is - youch! The rest of the day we spent at home playing with toys. The kids seemed to be thrilled with what they got and played for hours with their toys. Dirk and I fell asleep early since we stayed up really late putting together a basketball hoop (with his brother Hank's help). No fights, no problems, a nice Christmas. The next day we spent with my family (me and my mom and sis shopped) and then we played games that night. Christmas night we got a huge snowstorm and had a very white Christmas. Brrr.

Christmas photo shoot

Another tradition of ours is to take a picture in our matching Christmas outfits the Sunday before Christmas. Once, again, this year was no different. We set the camera on a tripod and used the timer to take the pictures. Emma just couldn't stay in place long enough and we got several pictures of her walking toward the camera to see the picture as the picture snapped. We all missed it one time. The first picture is of me setting up and Jenni playing the piano.

Decorating the Tree

So every year on St. Nicholas eve, (December 5), we decorate the Christmas tree. It's a tradition of ours. St. Nick brings an ornament for the tree that night and puts it in the kids shoes that they leave outside their door (the Dutch tradition). The kids love it and we got to celebrate Christmas in our new home.

Christmas Concerts

Jenni and James both had Christmas Concerts for their respective choirs. My kids just love singing. James had a solo and did great. Jenni was hidden in with all the kids, but had a blast.
And here is James' photo shoot.